Crisp Clax Skateboarding promotional video edits of skateboarders on Instagram

We make skateboarding video edits

We make fresh new video edits of outstanding skateboarders and then we promote them on Instagram.


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🇬🇧 Video promotion by @crispclax is free for skateboarders. We pay €5 for 24 hours of promotion of each video Edit we make. We do this because we like to support you. and it helps us to build our new brand.

🇫🇷 Promotion des vidéos par @crispclax est gratuit pour skateboarders. Nous payons €5 pour 24 heures de promotion de chaque nouvelle vidéo. nous fait plaîsir te donner support. Aussi, ça nous aide à constuire notre nouvelle marque.

🇪🇸 Promoción de videos por @crispclax es gratis para skateboarders. Nosotros pagamos €5 por 24 horas de promoción de cada nuevo video. Es porque nos gusta apoyarte. Ademas eso nos ayuda construir nuestra nueva marca.

Quick Answers

Crisp Clax on Instagram: what is it?

We make new skateboarding video edits (compilations) and then we promote them on our @crispclax Instagram account. This gives you more exposure and acknowledgement. We do this because we like to empower outstanding skateboarders. And this makes our new brand grow popular one step at a time.

Promotion / Sponsoring

For each video we post, we pay Instagram a promotion fee of €5. The video will then be promoted by Instagram for 24 hours. We choose the region in which Instagram will promote the video. The video about you will then appear as a Sponsored post in timelines of thousands of people in that region, mostly being skateboarding males between 13 and 23 years old. Crisp Clax can not influence how many people see or like your video eactly or how many new followers you will get.

Is it free?

Yes, it is free for skateboarders.

Video material that Crisp Clax can use to make edits

The videos must show a variety of tricks and have good enough image quality for editing. We can only make a good edit if there is enough useful material available for us.

To stay within the Instagram terms and conditions, we use material that is already in your Instagram account.

👉 If you want us to make a video about you

Follow @crispclax on Instagram and send us a Direct Message. We will then check your account and decide if we are able to make a good video compilation with the material in your account. If we answer you that we can’t make a good video with the material in your account, please DM us again if you have added new clips to your Instagram account. We will then be happy to check again.


If you agreed that we make a video compilation about you, the video will remain ours. We are then free to share it on our Instagram account whenever we think it is useful for our account to grow and gain popularity.

Meaning of the name crisp clax

Crisp Clax refers to the crisp clacks of skate wheels landing after jumps. 🛹


Contact us on Instagram. We’re there and we will always answer you. Might take some hours due to different time zones 🌎 but we’ll be in touch. You can also send us an e-mail ( but we prefer DM’s on Instagram.

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