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(not) Always landing smoothly

Enjoy the crisp clacks of skate wheels landing after jumps. Stay inspired. Keep on learning every day!


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Quick Answers

Crisp Clax on Instagram: what is it?

We make skateboarding video edits (compilations) and then promote them on our @crispclax Instagram account. This gives you more exposure and acknowledgement. We do this because we like to empower outstanding skateboarders.

Your videos in a fresh new edit: How?

Follow @crispclax on Instagram and send us a Direct Message.

Is it free?

Yes, it’s free.

Video material that Crisp Clax can use to make edits

To stay within the Instagram terms and conditions, we only use material that is already in your Instagram account. The videos must show a variety of tricks and have good enough image quality for editing.

Music and songs in videos by Crisp Clax

To track down the title and artist of the song you like, please use Shazam. Thanks a lot!


Contact us on Instagram. We’re there and we will always answer you. Might take some hours due to different time zones 🌎 but we’ll be in touch. You can also send us an e-mail ( but we prefer DM’s on Instagram.

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Featured videos

Antoine Laurent in Barcelona

@antoine.laurent13 went on skate camp for 6 days in Barcelona, where Max Cherarak ( shot this video of his tricks.

A tout juste 14 ans notre Titou ride comme un grand et quand on l’emmène 6 jours à Barcelone en skate camp voilà ce que ça donne :) Réalisé par Max Cherarak / - - Musique : Once was one - Portugal The Man

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