Twinterview 59: @piksels

Joel Laumans
Sinds: 14 januari 2008


User Experience Designer: Interaction design, web design, css, user centered design, data visualization, CMD - love it.  -

Hoe, door wat of door wie heb jij Twitter leren kennen?

It all started 714 days ago when a good friend of mine (@shoxcorp) refused to start using Jaiku, and forced me to check out Twitter.
Luckily within a couple months Jaiku tanked, and Twitter was my brand new addiction.

Hoe gebruikte je Twitter in het begin? Ook op je mobiel?

I mainly Tweeted using my mobile when I was out in the city. But of course I always had a Twitter client open on my laptop.

Wat is jouw favoriete twitter-app? Waarom?

My favorite app for posting tweets is definitely Tweetie: for Mac and iPhone. Beautiful apps, great user experience. Too bad they lack some of the functionality of apps like TweetDeck.

Wie heb jij geïnfecteerd met het twittervirus?

Wow... it would be impossible to list all the names. But I'm sure that together with about 5-10 other people, we are the root of the Twitter revolution that happened at school (Communication and Multimedia Design in Rotterdam). Two years ago there were just 5 of us Twittering, within 3 months it was 50, and now it must be about 300-500! We even convinced our school to put up a Twitter wall! (built by @camel7358990)

Zou je Twitter kunnen missen?

Sure, I could now. But not a year ago, then I was definitely addicted. I've become more of a passive Twitter user lately. Not everyone needs to know what I am up to every 20 minutes. Now it is more like 10 tweets a week.

Twitter: waarom?

Twitter is magical. So versatile, so quick. Sure there is a lot of crap out there, but you just need to learn to filter it...

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